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09 March 2010 @ 05:32 pm
the flowers blossomed!  
It's Spring now! I've finally experienced all 4 seasons ? It's still bloody cold though. So much stuff had happened.I went to Cambridge 2 weeks ago. It was beautiful and while i was there, i got hit on by the punter... it was very annoying as he KEPT winking at me while punting.... And he squeezed my hand when he was helping me up from the boat.... EWWWWW  i was freaked.
Putting that aside, Malaysian night was just about a week ago and it feels like it's been ages. Time to start studying. Easter holiday is soon as well. Hmm, not much plans for now but there is going to be Leeds Massoc awards night this Saturday. Jean is also coming from London to visit me from the 23rd to 26th. Prasanna wants to come down as well and when she goes back, i might follow her up for a trip to Durham and probably Newcastle too! EXCITING.

However, the downside, there are exams from mid May to mid June. Results will be out in July and hopefully, no resits! I'm going to study damn hard! Soon, i'll be home for summer holidays too!! Just 4 more months to go! I'll most likely be home by end of June till September ( hopefully) . And while i'm home, i might and with high chances be flying to Melbourne in august! for about 1-2 weeks! Sounds so exciting! Hopefully i do get a real cheap ticket from Air Asia to Melbourne! 

This is kind of frustrating but I have to do summer placement... I wonder if I'm allowed to just do a 2 weeks placement in a law firm. I don't want to waste all summer working and studying. Which means, I MUST PASS ALL THE EXAMS NO MATTER WHAT. I SHALL PASS! 
I am driven once again! 

Oh, i feel so sleepy already. I shall nap before I take on contract tonight! ;D

taaaaa ¬
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