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13 December 2008 @ 08:26 pm
Back and alive from the Genting trip! I just finished my LNATs ( Law National Admission Test ) today! So finally, I shall write about my Genting trip.
Forgive me for I've lost all skills in writing a blog. Seriously.

First roller coaster ride was crazy. My heart dropped out.
Second ride , I punched myself...
Third ride was HELL.

At night was more drinking and bridge :P

The second day, we all just wanted to go home. Too tired and it was already boring.

These days, all I do is sleep and sleep. My laptop still isn't back yet and I'm missing it already. It sucks so bad when i can't download what I want.. =(
19 November 2008 @ 04:01 pm
Remember Wonder Girls song ?

What if SO HOT became SO COLD? I corrected the english translation for the SO COLD to make it sound more English and understandable.

Why do you keep looking at me, eh eh~   Why do you keep spitting on me, Tuahh tuahh tuahh ~
Am I that pretty e e~   Am I seriously that ugly? e e ~
Even if I am that pretty, if you keep staring like that  Eventhough I am, when you spit like that,
It’s kind of embarrassing e e~ My face will get all wet e e~

Whenever I walk past ah ah~ Whenever I act cute ah ah~ 
The guys turn their heads uh uh~  The guys want to throw their punch uh uh~ 
I can feel the hot attention  I can feel the coldness of people watching me
What can I do? e e~  How am I going to get away from it ?  e e~

I’m so hot cold~
I’m so pretty I am so cold
I’m so fine bluek~
I’m have so much Charisma I am so heavy
I’m so cool shit~
I’m so awesome I am so ugly
I’m so so so hot hot  Cold cold~

The gazes that are always directed to me e e~ The kicks that were thrown to me e e~
The guys who constantly follow me e e~ The swearing that always follow me e e ~
I should be used to it by now  Its about time it stops
Why am I still so nervous? e e~ But why is it still happening ? e e~

I want to live quietly  I just want to be normal
Like all the other girls uhm uhm~
Why did my mum born me like this?
My life is so tiring   My life is ruined

I’m so hot cold~
I’m so pretty I am so cold
I’m so fine bluek~
I’m have so much Charisma I am so heavy
I’m so cool shit~
I’m so awesome I am so ugly
I’m so so so hot hot  Cold cold~

I’m so hot cold~
I’m so pretty I am so cold
I’m so fine bluek~
I’m have so much Charisma I am so heavy
I’m so cool shit~
I’m so awesome I am so ugly
I’m so so so hot hot  Cold cold~

** this part I don't quite understand so I copied and pasted ** 

Everybody's watching me 언제나 어디서나 날 따라다니는 레프트 라이트
(Everybody's watching me the lefts lights always follow me (left=opp of spotlight)))
야 일로와 어퍼컷 일로와 따라와
(PS*have no idea what this line supposed to mean)
도대체 얼마나 나이들어야 이놈의 몰빵을 피할수 있을지 원
(How much more do I need to age to escape from all zero (*I think it means no one gave her a vote in group dates) )
축처진 내 눈은 너구리
(my drooping eyes is raccoon)
짧고 굵은 내 다리는 좀 조선무 어쩌면좋아
(my short, thick legs are like radishes, what am I gonna do?)
모두 나를 싫어하는 것 같아
(Everyone seems to hate me)
Oh no, Please leave me alone
(오, 영어 굉장히 많아요 영어는 사절이예요)
(too much English can't do! No English plz)


I’m so hot cold~
I’m so pretty I am so cold
I’m so fine bluek~
I’m have so much Charisma I am so heavy
I’m so cool shit~
I’m so awesome I am so ugly
I’m so so so hot hot  Cold cold~

Credits to muulgoogi from youtube.

14 November 2008 @ 09:18 pm

After more than months of brain killing activities and days of sleep , I'm finally back!!

1) I need to catch up with all the DBSK updates!
2) I am indeed addicted to DBSK .
3) I'm in love with Wonder girls as well~
4) I AM GOING FOR PARAN'S CONCERT! ( 30th nov , Malaysia)
5) I need sleep every night and I've been sleeping early.
6) I need to catch up with you guys.
7) I miss you all~ 

How's everyoneeeee?
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23 October 2008 @ 01:08 pm

My LJ is growing MOULDY. It really is.

I'll officially be back on the 12th of NOV!

I have nothing much to blog now except my boring study periods and my stupid procrastination and lack of self discipline! T.T



P/S ; Sorry guys, for not being able to read and comment on your journals for a long long long long time. I swear College ate up those minutes and seconds! I'll be active once again soon! 

* I'm here because I'm procrastinating! UGH. I WANT TO GO FOR PARAN"S CONCERT! OMGGGGG *smacks self* I GOT TO STUDY *
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17 May 2008 @ 01:38 pm
Life is not overly exciting lately.

Normal. Maybe worst than normal.

And I just HAVE to do this =D

Tagged by syerubi 

List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what genre, whether they have any words, or even if they're not any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now, shaping your spring. Post these instructions in your LJ along with seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they're listening to.

1) D Is for dangerous -  Arctic Monkeys
2) The very thing - Stars
3) Hello Again - Dbsk
4) Monsoon - Tokio Hotel
5) One - Epik high
6) Untouchable - Big 4 ( Sg wanabe, M to M , Kim Jong Kook )
7) Sex Bomb - Tom jones

Now I tag, sjyip , vodkalimey , wondrousmelody , chiyohana , amnesiac_5 ,joongie_boo07 ,sushi_dono 

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09 May 2008 @ 09:24 pm


*smacks self* feel free to kill me. Seriously. I am such a bitch for forgetting!



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08 May 2008 @ 07:57 pm
Happy birthday Di! ( quinoline )

Addiction to Yam bubble tea with pearls and pudding <3 DIIII! how is it that you can read my mind?

I am SO BLUR! I just started thinking, how did you know that I bought you a plant because it won't die as fast as the hermits =X OMGGG I'm so blur!! *smacks self* ANYWAY ANOTHER 3 hours and 30 mins to go! ENJOY LA!! :D

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02 May 2008 @ 10:30 pm
This sucks. I guess Death always suck doesn't it?

What fairness is there is this world? I guess nothing is ever really fair.

SAD BUT TRUE, As I was listening to Monday Kiz's "ONE" , I read the news about KIM MIN SOO, MONDAY KIZ singer's death.

I think Monday kiz is not bad. Their vocals are somewhat distinctive. Why can't singers with voices like TOAD ( I wont name them.. In case I get bashed) die instead?

Anyway, depressing.



ERU enlisted himself for the Military since he gave up his US citizenship..


*going out tmr* <3
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07 April 2008 @ 08:18 pm
Aku ni, ingin blog dalam Bahasa Melayu :P Sudah lama tak berkarang dalam bahasa lar. Dah miss ni. Pertama dulu,


Sayang, HWAITING ok?

Ok. Selain tu, hari ini, memang boring lar. Takde ape-ape nak buat. Kan hari ni, aku ada masa luang. Tapi.. aku ni .. BOSAN! Bosan sampai nak tarik rambut! Memang menggeramkan.

Sejak pukul 7 pagi, aku ni, berada je kat depan Laptop dan sehari suntuk aku tengok filem. Aku rasa, mata aku ni, nanti cepat buta. Kalau 14 hari macam ni, memang mampus lar aku, Hilang mata aku, Hilang nyawa aku.

Apa nak buat? Hari ni tak payah pergi kelas, rasa macam ada je lar perasaan yang hilang. Ok lar... Aku tahu, aku ni patut pergi belajar, buat kerja rumah, tapi lepak jer lar beberapa hari dulu... nanti balik kolej kena terus berusaha lagi. Penat aku. Besok ,aku perlu pergi ke kolej pulak. Tengok pensyarah LAN tu. Sampah betul lar. Macam tu pun kena balik kolej. AISH. Kalau esok, dia tolak aku punya draf 2 , HABIS NANTI aku nak belasah dia.

Agak geram. Jejari aku pun sudah sakit. 10 muka surat kena taipkan untuk subjek sociologi. Entahlah... Lepas tu, kepala aku ni pening dibuat oleh ekonomics. Memang pun teruk.

Aiyah! Aku ni sudah malas nak terus taip. Kan aku dah kata, jari saya ni sakit? Biarla~ OH! TAHNIAH kepada mereka yang faham blog aku pada malam ini xD

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30 March 2008 @ 08:19 pm
Yesterday, 29th of March, I went to CURVE with Isabel.
Reason : She asked me to see FT Island with her.

I arrived somewhat early, and she came soon after. We went to Cineleisure and Hola! We saw quite a number of people there.I would say about a 100 people. Not as many as Kangta's crowd but it wasn't too bad.

Albums were not available to people who didn;t prebook it. Later, Isabel wrote her name on the waiting list hoping that if the pre-ordered CDs weren't collected by 1, some of us may stand the chance to get it instead.

We waited for 2 hours and finally it was 1. We lined up, but then only at 2 they started to sell the albums to the people in the waiting list.Then we realised the album which was repackaged, with the damn CI entertainment chop costs RM 90! Its is fucking ridiculous. Really. The organisers were inefficient and they were getting enraged at everybody and anybody.

Isabel and I cancelled our orders, went upstairs and decided that 90 bucks is not worth it. Then we started bitching about the marketing system, their failure to organise and put things in proper order. Everything was bad. REAL BAD.

FT Island was suppose to appear at 1. But guess what? They appeared at 3! Wonderful! They said it was because the youngest member, MinHwan wasn't feeling well which was actually a lie.

When it all started, it was OK. But then to my disappointment, they didn;t even sing a song which Kangta did in his showcase. Then only a few VVIP members who bought some expensive fan package managed to get all the five boys singature. The rest FEW lucky girls only managed to get ONE of the members signature and they can't even choose whose signature they want.

Here are some pictures I took from above.

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