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hi, i'm audrey and i want to be happy

i'd like to revive my journal. i know that it's quite dead but that's alright. i'll live. this is sort of like another introductory post. well, it's been ages hasn't it? let's start with me loving nanoblocks. i'm currently obsessed with them. the song 'mistaken for strangers' by the national pretty much depicts my life. jessie j's "who you are" is currently the song of my current state of unhappiness. i have a new miniature schnauzer named Kaya. i love her so much that i'm afraid that i might have spoiled her. there's nothing else i love more than having good food, being with my family and close friends and also making everyone happy. i hate being unhappy but it's just somewhat inevitable- all part of the human emotions thingy. i lost interest in playing tennis because of the sun but i've taken up squash instead because it's indoors. i'm already studying in university in UK and it's been 6 years since i started this blog (?) i've already ( sort of) have a job offer in this awesome law firm with an awesome boss that i really want. all i have left to do now is to graduate, finish my bar training course and start chambering and work right away ( though no rush in this). i currently drive a small, cheap but useful car (brand new too!). if i do well, daddy might get me a brand new shiny Volkswagen. *SUPER HOPEFUL*. a lot have been going on in my life lately. the good, the bad, me being unhappy and being happy. but then again, hi, i'm audrey and all i want in life besides all these luxuriant life i'm leading, is to be happy and for people in my life to be happy too!
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Quintuplet; Always keep your faith in them.

 it's been ages since i ever posted about any korean artist. I used to love DBSK (TVXQ)  and i still do. Let me first say that when I say DBSK, i mean them as 5 of them; Jae Joong, Yunho, Changmin, Junsu and Yoo Chun. The DBSK today is not the DBSK i love. I believe strongly in Human Rights and the law. Since the contract was unfair, i believe that it should have been void. JYJ left for good. It's not that they were ungrateful but because they were too grateful and SM took them for granted.  ( some may believe otherwise) It's so sad how SM dictates what they sing, what they wear and what how they live. Maybe giving directions and helping is good but not dictatorship. I don't see other entertainment companies having such a problem. SM company have had repeated problems. i.e H.O.T breaking up, SHINHWA leaving and etc. Anyway, i'm not writing about who is right and which party is in the wrong. I just felt that i needed to express some of my old love for DBSK. It just hurts me so much to see Changmin and Yunho performing "RISING SUN" as a duo. I found it offensive. As much as the name of DBSK and their songs belong to SM, DBSK started out as a group of 5, songs were written for 5 of them, they all had a part, they all had their roles in DBSK and DBSK was and still is special which i believe should retain exclusively for only the 5 of them.Listening to JYJ sing "W" pains me. Their emotions and love and their longing for Yunho and Changmin to be together with them again. Such heightened emotions of sorrow. The translation of the lyrics, taken from :

The letters that the stars created in the night sky
I still believe that it is not just by chance
In the same darkness, in the same distance
We are painting the W in the same way
We will shine more and more so that you can find us

keep in mind that I love you.

I wish…
Our paths will cross again, I am thinking about you every time I close my eyes, you’re everything
It is still natural that you are by our side
We can only wish that you are happy
We will climb our stairs one by one
We are still waiting for you, imagining our future

I wish..
Our paths will cross again, I am thinking about you every time I close our my eyes, you’re everything
It is still natural that you are by our side
We will keep your place here, until the day we can meet again
We believe that we can laugh together with you once again
You’re my love Please hold on
Even when the days pass by, and that there may be pains
You are always our “PRIDE”
The words that you murmured to the stars shining in the night sky
We still believe that it is not “Good bye”
Under the same sky, dreaming the same dream
We are still searching for the W
We will always shine in the same shape

keep in mind that I love you.

I want to see you, see you

I want to see you, see you

I want to see you, see you

I want to see you, see you, see you

I wish…

Our paths will cross again, I am thinking about you every time I close my eyes, you’re everything

It is still natural that you are by our side

We will keep your place here, until the day we can meet again

We believe that we can laugh together with you once again

i cried. Always keep your faith in them. 
sincerely yours,
( a fan since 2004)
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Boy, oh Boy!

 My, my, hasn't it been ages since I last blogged? I doubt if anyone reads my blog anymore. Life. I've been so busy. I've been home since June and yes, I'm just getting rounder and rounder again! I'm stuffing myself with food. I've been doing my internship in a Law firm and it's been pretty intense! Makes me so tired by the end of the day! And boy, I was so sleepy today in the evening when suddenly I was asked to interpret the clauses. My tamagotchi died again! I forgot to put it on pause mode and OMG. It just died. Bye bye Metric!! ( my tama's name) 

I'm going to reset it and if it's a boy, I shall name it TORQ. If it's a girl, hmmm, I have no idea yet though. 

Another 1 month and 3 weeks, and i'll be flying back to Leeds again. I'm going to stuff my face with all the Asian food i can afford!
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the flowers blossomed!

It's Spring now! I've finally experienced all 4 seasons ? It's still bloody cold though. So much stuff had happened.I went to Cambridge 2 weeks ago. It was beautiful and while i was there, i got hit on by the punter... it was very annoying as he KEPT winking at me while punting.... And he squeezed my hand when he was helping me up from the boat.... EWWWWW  i was freaked.
Putting that aside, Malaysian night was just about a week ago and it feels like it's been ages. Time to start studying. Easter holiday is soon as well. Hmm, not much plans for now but there is going to be Leeds Massoc awards night this Saturday. Jean is also coming from London to visit me from the 23rd to 26th. Prasanna wants to come down as well and when she goes back, i might follow her up for a trip to Durham and probably Newcastle too! EXCITING.

However, the downside, there are exams from mid May to mid June. Results will be out in July and hopefully, no resits! I'm going to study damn hard! Soon, i'll be home for summer holidays too!! Just 4 more months to go! I'll most likely be home by end of June till September ( hopefully) . And while i'm home, i might and with high chances be flying to Melbourne in august! for about 1-2 weeks! Sounds so exciting! Hopefully i do get a real cheap ticket from Air Asia to Melbourne! 

This is kind of frustrating but I have to do summer placement... I wonder if I'm allowed to just do a 2 weeks placement in a law firm. I don't want to waste all summer working and studying. Which means, I MUST PASS ALL THE EXAMS NO MATTER WHAT. I SHALL PASS! 
I am driven once again! 

Oh, i feel so sleepy already. I shall nap before I take on contract tonight! ;D

taaaaa ¬
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I think I despise the snow.

I think i really do. It snowed continuously from 7 in the morning till 3. It stopped for a while and started to snow again when I was walking home. Not very exciting. The floor is slippery. I've never been stressed from walking before. This is crazy. CRAZY. I had to carry 9 books home today. Thanks to the library for wanting to close early! It took me an hour to arrive home. OH, the STRESS. As if chasing deadlines and exams aren't enough! CRUELTY! Oh Happy belated new year my dear friends. I swear, me not blogging, wasn't deliberate. Uni is starting to wear me out and i've only just begun! Here, I leave you with a pretty picture of yesterday's sunset! Someone once told me that if the sky is pink, it means the air is very polluted... I don't know if it's true though. Anyway, I got to go cook. Very hungry. I think i could eat all the 9 books! ( if only eating them means faster absorption rate, i swear, i would )


I ran out in shorts and shirt just to get this shot! It was freezing cold!!
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I see snow!

It's finally snowing in Leeds!!   It's extremely cold! I need to get my gloves tmr and some thermal wear probably!!  Actually, that's it people. Sorry for short update, It's too cold and my fingers are about to fall off. My heater is being turned on 24/7 and windows closed and duvet is 13.5 tog!!  We made snowman but our snowman, Freddie, looks extremely evil somehow!! ahaha good night people! 4 am here and I'm turning in!
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HOLY SHIT! ARCTIC MONKEYS ARE AWESOME. I have no idea how many times I have said it but watching them live is effing awesome!! UBERAWESOME ACTUALLY.

Alex Turner's voice is sexy. VERY. He sings well live and actually, in certain songs, he gives it a more eccentric edge! Ah dream come true!! Sheffield town looks like the street of Kuala Lumpur to me. In my opinion, the taxis and buses were inefficient and inconvenient. I was in the 'heart of the city' but it doesn't seem to be like a city to me. But that's maybe I haven't really seen the whole town?

Basically, we grabbed a taxi after walking around the city to the Sheffield FM arena stadium in the evening around 4.30. We arrived in the stadium by 5 and we went for a bite. We asked the gate guards about the timing of the live act and what is the latest we can enter and from which gate. He was really nice and he told us we could enter at about 9 if we like because there is going to be like a "crappy" american band playing for an hour before Arctic monkeys starts. AND OH GOD. THE AMERICAN BAND REALLY SUCKS. I think they're "Angels of death" or something. No offense to people who like them. But seriously like what the guy said , " EVERYONE WANTS TO SEE ARCTIC MONKEYS NOT THEM. YOU CAN COME AT 9" and he was so right. Everyone else entered around 8.30 and by 9, the stadium was jam packed. ( tickets were sold out )

I didn't take many pictures because I recorded some of my favourite songs!! I only managed to record 10 songs because my camera recording is HD and an average of 3 minute clip is about 400 MB. =( BUT the quality is good! I'm trying to upload it to youtube now! ---> that link is for the original size. IT's UBER HUGE. and yea, alex's hair is long and Nick's hair is an..... afro? ( OH MY GOD !! THEY HAVE BAD STYLES FOR NOW)

After that, we actually booked a taxi earlier to pick us up at 11 because our train is at 11.50. ( it only takes 10 mins to arrive to the train station but walking will take us forever because there is no proper pedestrian walk ) . We called them again and they said the guy went off duty already. =.='' When we asked them to give us another taxi immediately, they asked us to wait and they didn't call us back. So we tried a few other taxi companies. All said that they've dispatched ALL their taxis to the stadium. Just grab anyone that comes along. OHMYGOD. THEY LIED. When we tried to get a taxi, they kept saying that taxi is not available!

We missed our train and it was the LAST train out of Sheffield to Leeds. We were then, stranded. How sad. Seriously. We thought, nevermind, we can stay and wait in the train station and grab the earliest ticket out of here, but , THE TRAIN STATION IN SHEFFIELD ISN'T 24/7 LIKE THE ONE IN LEEDS. SO ANGRY. Lucky a friend of mine had another friend who studies in University of Sheffield and her place is big enough to house all 4 of us.

We stayed there for a night and we called the taxi 45 minutes before we wanted to leave in the morning. The taxi services are really horrible in Sheffield. Taxis in Leeds comes in 2 - 5 minutes after you call. Apart from the concert, Sheffield did not get on my good side ;(
We got the earliest train ticket this morning which was at 10.30. *sigh* IT WAS SO TIRING. BUT THE CONCERT WAS WORTH IT. ( I SWEAR IT IS)

I'm trying to upload the Brianstorm clip on youtube but it's taking ages. ( the file size is 450 mb) Once it's uploaded, i'll put it up here too!!
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Welcome to University of Leeds. Sadly, it was about to rain. If only the sky was brighter.

Goodbye current layout? I want to change it though. It's not going to be easy since I got rusty! I've not done layout changing in God knows ages!! 

*sigh* Not going to be easy *Shakes head*.
It's cold. My nose is blocked, I can't smell my food and I need to head to town in the afternoon! Don't let the sun fool you!! It may look sunny outside but the best indicator is the cloud. If the cloud moves fast, as in YOU CAN REALLY SEE THE CLOUD MOVING AND NO KIDDING. THEY DO MOVE FAST! I would wear more layers of clothes. I need to get a coat or trench coat soon. REALLY soon. It's FREEZING. I don't care if it's still autumn. It's too cold for me.

From walking too much, not only my toes are beginning to look funny, my base of my feet are forming calluses. *sigh* oh dear me!! =(

I'm super hungry and I think I shall have yogurt and a slice of bread? ALRIGHT. I have no idea.

Good day people!! ( I'm trying to not screw up my LJ layout) 

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I'm a little late but oh well! I know i made it in time for Zoe! but about 53  minutes late for Junsu !

OH WELL <333


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