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05 January 2010 @ 06:07 pm
I think I despise the snow.  
I think i really do. It snowed continuously from 7 in the morning till 3. It stopped for a while and started to snow again when I was walking home. Not very exciting. The floor is slippery. I've never been stressed from walking before. This is crazy. CRAZY. I had to carry 9 books home today. Thanks to the library for wanting to close early! It took me an hour to arrive home. OH, the STRESS. As if chasing deadlines and exams aren't enough! CRUELTY! Oh Happy belated new year my dear friends. I swear, me not blogging, wasn't deliberate. Uni is starting to wear me out and i've only just begun! Here, I leave you with a pretty picture of yesterday's sunset! Someone once told me that if the sky is pink, it means the air is very polluted... I don't know if it's true though. Anyway, I got to go cook. Very hungry. I think i could eat all the 9 books! ( if only eating them means faster absorption rate, i swear, i would )


I ran out in shorts and shirt just to get this shot! It was freezing cold!!
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orangeaddictionorangeaddiction on January 7th, 2010 11:13 pm (UTC)
haha recently we have pretty sunsets and sunrise like these too~ I guess its just as polluted here...XD except its more red...
welcome to the snow haters club~ I hate slippery roads~

I knooo uni stress is so crazy and killing... hang in there hun~ <3 you're not alone~ :)