mistaken for strangers

aDORKable with ego as big as Russia + China

14 February 1990


To be or not to be ?
That is the question.

Audrey or Owdray or Demonluvv, guess what? We're all the same person! Yes, so If you know me by any of these names in any forum, Its me and no one else.

People I would like to consider friends.. Hm.. ANYBODY i give my consent to. As long as I like you and I don't mind friending you , oh well~ Anything goes.

Homosexuality and swearing is definitely an element in my journal. NO SPAMMING. If you are some random dude trying to SPAM just because I have offended you by any chance, it would be nice if you could sent me a mail in my inbox ~

My fandom? Need I say more? Look in my interests <3

You don't necessary need to have the same interest with me just to get along with me. I get along fine pretty much with everyone even when we don;t have the same interest <3



This profile and layout was made by minty_peach @ minty_peach. Pictures belongs to ,fearless_123 and jaejin and ,kumo .Thank you for their wonderful scans :Dand credits to myself for spending four hours in making the banners and stuff.<3

"We gotta purple like that ~"


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